Though Remembrance Day has come and gone, it didn’t pass unnoticed. It has been a difficult year: a time of violent upheaval between compatriots; a year of wars and displacement; a year that claimed far too many casualties. We know so much, thanks mostly to the communication webs that connect us but also entrap us and yet still, so many of us continue to walk in darkness. Here are four poems selected to help us find “the pure center of light within the dark circle of [our] demons.”   I. IT IS RAINING ON THE HOUSE OF ANNE FRANK—by Linda Pastan It … Continue reading FINDING THE LIGHT


Note to readers: This piece was first posted last March 5th (2014).  I’m bringing it back this week in honour of Remembrance Day. Sadly of course, its themes: war and its aftermath, memory and trauma, continue to mar the lives of far too many across the world. I’ve also added some new links, which you’ll find included below.  Last month, I heard American journalist David Finkel interviewed on Q.  I was so lucky to catch the show. I’m usually at work at that time. Finkel’s 2009 book, The Good Soldiers, was an account of his time spent embedded with … Continue reading THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE