(SHOULD I READ IT OR WATCH IT?) I was so relieved when I went to bed last Sunday (January 4th) and was able to turn the light off because there was no power failure!  I honestly don’t know how my family made it to Monday unscathed, but we did―sixty year-old maples and all. Still, I spent most of the day with a knot in my stomach, because I was having such feelings of déjà vu.  Did anyone notice that last Sunday’s freezing rain storm coincided with the date of the official first day of the 1998 Ice Storm? I couldn’t … Continue reading ARMCHAIR STORM CHASERS


Note to readers: This was first posted last year, but as the Online Book Club was very young, not many of you found it in time. So here it is, as relevant today (especially!) as it was then.  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! It’s late October… We’re entering the final countdown to the darkest, creepiest, most exciting day of the year for children and adults alike. In North American culture, few celebrations stir the literary imagination the way Halloween does.  Although the original symbols and meanings of the Celtic feast of Samain that inspired Halloween have been diluted in a sea of Transformers, … Continue reading TALES OF THE LIVING AND OF THE UNDEAD