(SHOULD I READ IT OR WATCH IT?) Where my inspiration for these blog posts comes from isn’t always clear to me, but this time, it may be thoughts of upcoming Easter egg hunts. For younger children, it doesn’t get any better than the search for and discovery of egg after precious chocolate egg, until the basket is full. And though our definitions of treasure may change through the years, the idea of hunting for a hidden trove appeals to us all, I think, and its seed is planted early. Whether it’s hidden in a cave, sunken or buried, where there’s … Continue reading THE PLEASURE OF TREASURE


Because we’re more housebound at this time of year, a recent Facebook posting, on the home page of World Literature Today (, really caught my fancy. It asked its readers the following question: If you could live the life of any one literary character, who would you choose and why?  Isn’t this a great question? At once, I was somewhere else; in this case, combing my mental bookshelves, trying to find THE book, THE story, where that literary character lives. What first seemed simple and fun has turned out to be a challenge. My first problem is having my thoughts … Continue reading WHO IS YOUR LITERARY ALTER-EGO?