Heard at the Circulation Desk – Do you have audio books?

Yes!  The Library has an excellent collection of audio books.  We have audio books on CD as well as our digital audio collection on eMedia.  The talking books in the Library can be borrowed for three weeks and are renewable once.  The digital audio books can be borrowed for one or two weeks and are also renewable. Talking books are great for long car trips, daily commutes, dog walks, as well as passing the time while going about daily chores. Many would attest that they are also a sure cure for sleepless nights.   Often the newer titles are available as talking books when … Continue reading Heard at the Circulation Desk – Do you have audio books?


Twice a week, I go downtown to teach. For the thirty odd minutes that the train glides and rocks its way to Lucien-L’Allier station, I can read anything I want. When the passenger next to me is also reading, I can’t help peeking to see what the book title is (electronic books are a little less peek-friendly). The snooping is fun and the reader-book pairings I detect can be pretty surprising. We had such fun with last summer’s TEN BOOK CHALLENGE, and you were so generous and forthcoming in sharing your lists, that I thought:  why not glimpse over each … Continue reading WHAT ARE YOU READING RIGHT NOW?