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This poem first appeared in my personal blog, and was very well received. I was then asked to read it on CBC’s Daybreak Montreal. It has been the longest year…For months, it’s been as though COVID-19 were creating days that went on forever; a sense of longing for others that couldn’t be satiated; a fearfulness that was bone deep; and the growing dissent among us, over such basic issues as wearing a mask–to protect one’s self and others. But I have experienced mostly the opposite: A closeness in our family that is magnified by love and need; and an awakening … Continue reading THE KINDNESS OF SCIENCE


I received two wall calendars for Christmas: one with images of England where my son is studying, and the other of cats doing yoga (which I see as encouragement to take better care of myself!). There they are, glossy and pristine, with every square of every month blank, waiting to be annotated and filled with reminders of birthdays and medical or hairdressing appointments; with lunch dates and phone numbers; with my life’s near future. Every December, when I take down the old calendar, I pause. Another year has passed. With 2015 days away, I become pensive again.  It’s true that … Continue reading UNTOUCHED AND STILL POSSIBLE: POEMS FOR THE NEW YEAR


These days, the sun shines golden in the truest of blue skies, as finely etched shadows grow longer. My husband has often said that September is a month for beginnings. Because we married in September, I have always loved this notion. But this anticipatory feeling—that surely stems from our childhoods—is also nourished by waves of nostalgia that seem to build as the leaves fall and Thanksgiving approaches; and I think that it is in this space where hope and loss, love and pain intersect that we experience true gratitude. Of all the novels that I consider stories of thankfulness, I … Continue reading A THOUSAND FIBERS