Twice a week, I go downtown to teach. For the thirty odd minutes that the train glides and rocks its way to Lucien-L’Allier station, I can read anything I want. When the passenger next to me is also reading, I can’t help peeking to see what the book title is (electronic books are a little less peek-friendly). The snooping is fun and the reader-book pairings I detect can be pretty surprising. We had such fun with last summer’s TEN BOOK CHALLENGE, and you were so generous and forthcoming in sharing your lists, that I thought:  why not glimpse over each … Continue reading WHAT ARE YOU READING RIGHT NOW?


There’s reading and then there’s Reading; just like there’s literature and then there’s Literature (if I were speaking rather than writing, the difference between these two sets of statements would be air quotes surrounding Reading and Literature). These second elements of each statement suggest a higher standard; greater intellectual depth and rigour; a broader scope and more culturally complex explorations; dazzling eloquence. They suggest superiority, I think. When you read the first sentence of this blog, what pops into your mind? Do your thoughts line up in an order akin to this one?  reading/ literature                                                        Reading/Literature -Harlequin Romances!   … Continue reading THE TEN BOOK CHALLENGE