NFB Documentaries

The following links connect to NFB streamed online films.

Available channels are:

ARTS. A selection of films on the arts, including biographies of artists. OUTSIDE THE BOX. Experimental films, humorous films and films that make you go “Wha…?”
KIDS’ MOVIES. Films for the young, and the young at heart. WORLD. Travel, foreign culture and Canadian activity in the rest of the world.
THE GREEN CHANNEL. A close look at our world, the environment and sustainability. HISTORY. Historically important films, and films about history.
BIOGRAPHY. Films celebrating the life and times of notable Canadians, past and present. ABORIGINAL PEOPLES. An in-depth look at important issues in Aboriginal communities.
HOT TOPICS. Documentaries about current affairs and controversial stories. CLASSICS. World-renowned Oscar winners, Oscar nominees and classics.
ANIMATION. A hand-picked selection of some of our finest animated films. HD. A selection of films from our online collection in glorious HD.

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