Use your LIBRARY CARD to access eBooks and audiobooks from eMedia Download Library

Need Help?

Do you need more specific help on how to install software on your eReader or MP3 Player?
Not sure if your device can handle the eMedia format available to you?

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Did You Know?

A dedicated workstation is available at the library which allows you to download and transfer audiobooks and music to your MP3 player.

eMedia Loan Policies

Checkout Limit: There is a maximum of 3 books that a member can have checked out at any time. This number includes the total of all audiobook and ebook titles on loan.

Maximum Cart Items: The maximum number of titles that a library member can add to his/her “cart” is 4. (Adding books to a cart makes them unavailable to others).

Cart Expiration: Books can remain in a member’s cart for 30 minutes before they are automatically removed and put back into circulation.

Waiting List Pickup Period: You will have 2 days after the waiting list notification email is sent to you indicating that your reserved book is available for “pick-up”. After this time expires, the title becomes available to the next patron on the waiting list or is put back into circulation.

Waiting List Limit: You may add a maximum of 3 titles to your waiting list.

Loan Period: You may choose either a 7 day loan period or a 14 day loan period for any audiobook or ebook that you may wish to borrow.

eMedia Collection Development Policies

1. The collection will include mostly Adult books. Books for teens and children (ages 9 and up) which are notable and/or award winners, will be added to the collection.

2. The budget is allocated so that more money is spent on purchasing ebooks than on the purchase of audiobooks.

3. The collection development team, with a representative from each library partner, will meet in person every month to discuss issues and/or procedures, and to make book selections.

4. All selections must be approved by all members of the collection development team.

5. Initially, only one copy will be bought of each title. Additional copies will be bought at the 6 request threshold.

6. New releases and best-sellers will be selected. Older titles and Classics will not be selected unless there is strong current interest (ex. coinciding with a movie release, death of an author, etc.)

7. Unabridged audio titles are always preferred.

8. There will be a predominance of fiction.

9. Books written by Canadian authors and books written in French will be selected according to the above-mentioned criteria.


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