As soon as I learned of Alexandre (Sacha) Trudeau’s impending visit to the Pointe-Claire Library (on Wednesday, February 1st), I ordered a copy of Barbarian Lost, Travels in the New China. I knew that otherwise I’d be wrestling with other … Continue reading BARBARIAN LOST: ALEXANDRE TRUDEAU’S ILLUMINATING JOURNEY THROUGH CHINA


When Breath Becomes Air is among the most beautiful books I’ve ever read. Though it was published in the early weeks of 2016, its author, neurosurgeon Paul Kalathani, died almost exactly a year ago, on March 9th, of metastatic lung cancer, at the age of 37. It is, in part, the author’s recounting of the last months of his life. His dying. It’s also a compelling, uplifting and moving work of literature. I started it just a few days ago and always put it down with reluctance. I’ve finished it, and miss it already. The space I inhabited while I … Continue reading WHEN BREATH BECOMES AIR


I just finished reading a whiz-bang thrill-ride of a novel: Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One. Wow! What fun! If you’ve never heard of it, that’s probably because at first, its readership was mostly  limited to “gamers” (the community of video game devotees); to “younger” readers (principally GenY, and  Millenials, but also GEN Xers like the author); to sci-fi and fantasy readers; and to geeks of every persuasion. But word got out and since then, Ready Player One has become a smash hit (that Steven Spielberg is adapting to film). Having enjoyed every single page of it, I can say with conviction … Continue reading READY PLAYER ONE


Feeling blue can be a good thing, especially when it leads to the happy discovery of a book. That’s what happened to me earlier this week when, feeling down in the dumps and looking for something to lift my spirits, I picked up a novel that was written in Australia but made its way to me via Coquitlam, BC, thanks to my sister, who had sent me her copy months ago. Everything about it appeared upbeat, including its turquoise cover featuring a stylized red and white bicycle, and a straightforward title: The Rosie Project. I jumped right in. Two days … Continue reading THE ROSIE PROJECT