It’s the stuff of dreams: squirreled away in a small space—in Stephen King’s case when he wrote Carrie, it was the laundry room— a man or woman sits in front of a computer screen after work, or at lunch break, or late at night when everyone’s asleep and the house is quiet, writing the book they just know they have inside them. A GREAT book. And then, one, three, five, ten years later, it’s written and sent off to publishers, and a devilish voice inside the writer’s head says “I hope you’re ready for the rejection slips”—JK Rowling received loads … Continue reading NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK!


The Water Rat of Wanchai entered my life thanks to my good friend Cindy. She passed her copy along to me saying that she’d found a brand-new crime series to binge on that she was sure I’d enjoy. I have no idea where Cindy picked it up, but judging by the evidence, her copy’s well-travelled, just like its author.    The Water Rat of Wanchai is, in fact, the first novel of Canadian author Ian Hamilton, and while his story pit stops in Hong Kong, it starts out in Toronto before moving on to Seattle, then Thailand, then Guyana and … Continue reading THE WATER RAT OF WANCHAI