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This poem first appeared in my personal blog, and was very well received. I was then asked to read it on CBC’s Daybreak Montreal. It has been the longest year…For months, it’s been as though COVID-19 were creating days that went on forever; a sense of longing for others that couldn’t be satiated; a fearfulness that was bone deep; and the growing dissent among us, over such basic issues as wearing a mask–to protect one’s self and others. But I have experienced mostly the opposite: A closeness in our family that is magnified by love and need; and an awakening … Continue reading THE KINDNESS OF SCIENCE

THE DUTCH HOUSE, by Ann Patchett

When this book came up in conversation, I didn’t know what to make of it. Its title wasn’t appealing and it didn’t seem terribly exciting. But then I saw the name Ann Patchett on its cover. Ah! I was most certainly wrong: I would give this book a chance. The house in question, a three story building unlike any of the homes in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, (on the outskirts of Philadelphia), in the year 1946, was built and lived in for decades by the Van Hoebeek dynasty, about which little is known, except that their coming to America from the … Continue reading THE DUTCH HOUSE, by Ann Patchett

Hoopla Graphic Novel Club Starts Today!

Starting May 1, 2020, hoopla offers an online Graphic Novel Book Club, including a detailed discussion guide. Hoopla’s digital collection is available instantly with no holds and no waiting, including their new Graphic Novel Book Club Spotlight Selection, giving readers … Continue reading Hoopla Graphic Novel Club Starts Today!