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2 thoughts on “The Heart of the Library

  1. Short stories….but I don’t read short stories. So I brought home an older Alice Munroe collection to see what they are all about. I admit, I am not hating them. They are short (obviously) so I get sort of a whole story quickly. They make me reflect a bit after I have read them which is good, although I kind of want to hear more about these characters. AND, I can’t read another one right away because my mind can’t change gears quickly enough so I go back to my reliable novel until I am sleepy. Try one though, she writes really well about interesting characters.

  2. Hello Susan, I find short stories gratifying, demanding and also a little bit frustrating at times. That’s probably why I don’t read nearly enough of them.

    They’re gratifying because they cut out all of the non-essentials and get right to the heart of things, and they keep the cast of characters small, which draws you in fast.

    But those same features also make them a more intense reading experience. You have to be on your toes from the get go, and long-form readers aren’t used to that. No distraction. Your mind has to be alert!

    You kind of have to shift gears quickly to read a short story.

    They frustrate me when they end before I want them to: which is when they’re very very good.

    Perhaps enjoying them is a matter of reading temperament.

    Alice Munro’s prose is just otherworldly. The precision of her language, the clarity of her intention…wow!

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