Expanding the collection in the children’s department at the Pointe-Claire Public Library

Patrons have been noticing some positive changes in our collection. The library has been expanding and updating our collection to help serve you better.

For example, if you are dreaming about the day that you can travel again, come and check out our new series World Passport & All Around The World .

Do you have an interest in STEM? (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) If so, come and check out the STEM Superstars series . It includes books on Katherine Johnson & Margaret Hamilton, just to name a few powerful women in that field.

Do you have a child in preschool and are you running out of ideas on how to keep them entertained? Check out our new series Busy Little Hands activities for preschool children. There are only two books in this collection so far and we have them both, Food Play! & Art Play!

Food Play! by Amy Palanjian is a cookbook that is designed just for preschoolers, and is full of fun recipes that preschoolers can make for themselves, with a little bit of help from an adult.

If your preschooler enjoys art, then Art Play! by Meredith Magee Donnelly would be a great start to get their imagination juices flowing.  Learn how to make Homemade Playdough, Nature Painting, Drip-Drop painting, Spin-Art Blocks and other interesting fun art activities.

If your child enjoys the outdoors then perhaps they would like to read A Girl’s Guide to the Wild: Be An Adventure-Seeking Outdoor Explorer! by Ruby McConnell to learn new skills such as how to draw a map, build Solar Powered Mason Jar Lanterns, a Tarp Shelter, a Traveler’s Stove and Burner etc…

Curious about what makes you you? If the answer is yes then check out The DNA Book Discover what makes you you by Alison Woollard & Sophie Gilbert. Did you know that DNA is made up of three different things that include sugar, phosphate and bases?  This was discovered by a Swiss scientist named Friedrich Miescher.

Since the library is not lending puppets at this time, an alternative can be a Finger Puppet Book.  Finger Puppet Book is a series of books designed for babies, which include a finger puppet .  If that does not peak your interest, remember we have a collection of indestructible books that you never have to worry about because, as the title says, they are indestructible!

Do you know who Fauja Singh is? Fauja Singh is the oldest person to run in a marathon. He hired a trainer at age 86 and has never stopped since. To learn more about him, I would invite you to come and borrow Fauja Singh Keeps Going. The book is sure to inspire and you may never think that you are too old to do something ever again.

Come and read Salma the Syrian Chef, written by Danny Ramada and illustrated by Anna Bron tells the story of a girl who moves to Vancouver from Damascus. After seeing her mother’s struggle Salma wanted to do something nice for her, so she decided to create a special dish from back home in the hope that it would bring back her mother’s smile.

Lastly, to all the parents out there who kept asking for this one particular series, Escalire is finally here! You asked and we listened.

There are also many other popular series in the Early Readers section such as À pas de souris, À pas de loup, for example.               

Now that we are open again there is no excuse not to come and see what is waiting for you at the Pointe-Claire Public Library.

Hope to see you soon, Karen .


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