MATH + FRENCH = DIFFICULT ? Let’s Learn with Alec

New online resource for kids: Alec

Join Alec, a friendly fennec fox, on an adventure through a world of educational games. Full of activities for learning and improving in French and mathematics, this world is inhabited by a ton of friendly creatures.

Created by eduMedia for ages 4-10, Alec is a resource for engaging kids in learning during their screen time. Whether it’s for learning a little extra something or making sure that lessons from school have really stuck, Alec allows for low-stress education packed with fun.

Please note this site is offered in French only.

Developped in France, the levels in Alec follow the French school system. The ages are approximate and we always encourage kids to use the level that suits them best!
Préscolaire: ages < 6
Cycle 1: ages 6 to 8
Cycle 2: ages 8 to 10

Just like in a video game, there are rewards and animations for completing each activity. This encourages kids to continue their learning adventure, with no limit to the number of tries they get!


  • Letters and numbers
  • Colours
  • Memory games
  • Pattern and image recognition
  • Puzzles

Cycles 1 and 2

  • French
    • Sounds, images, and words
    • Meanings of words
    • Spelling
    • Grammar
    • Building sentences and paragraphs
  • Mathematics
    • Numbers
    • Calculations
    • Geometry
    • Measurements

To access Alec, you will need your MULTI card number and your PIN. The link can be found on the digital resources for kids page on the library website:
Or just click on the logo below to get started!

  • Your librarian Sabrina

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