On your marks… Get set… Garden!

As of April 7 2021, the Pointe-Claire Public Library is lending out a new kind of item: seeds! Seed libraries are becoming increasingly popular as a movement to support sustainable living, the sharing of resources, and community engagement and growth. We encourage all gardeners, both new and experienced to participate. Available seeds include varieties of flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables.

Members of the library can “loan“ up to 3 packets of seeds to plant at home, in a garden or flowerbed. The seed packets come with tips and tricks to grow each different kind of plant, and you can always grab some gardening books to loan at the same time! At the end of the season, we ask that gardeners collect seeds from the plants to return to the library, contributing to the next year’s seed library collection.

Your librarian Sabrina

One thought on “NEW SEED LIBRARY

  1. Dear Sabrina- This is wonderful,. Thank you for such an original and creative idea. We are lucky for this new “loan”. Margaret

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