International Women’s Day – March 8, 2021

(Click on the image to see all her books available at the library)

On Women’s Day, we invite you to discover a writer with a resolutely feminist discourse but imbued with an amusing, offbeat and thought-provoking writing.

In her fiction, Roxane Gay unites psychological nuance with physical violence in an unusual blend of suspense and social commentary that is as bleak and sobering as it is trenchant in its examination of family, women, and class. Gay’s nonfiction essay collections are equally as layered in their plainspoken exploration of popular culture, the media, and social perceptions.

The novel, An, Untamed State, explores the interconnected themes of race, privilege, sexual violence, family, and the immigrant experience.

Difficult Women is a collection of short stories that highlight women who have lives that differ from society’s spectrum of a normal life.

In Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body, Gay discusses her experience with weight, body image, and building a positive relationship with food, particularly following her experience as a childhood victim of sexual violence.

Informations: Tel. 514 630-1218 –

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