Karen Talks About PressReader

undefined My name is Karen Griffith and I am back to talk about the latest database that I have discovered at our library, called PressReader

Because I do not usually read magazines and or newspapers, except for the Montreal Gazette on occasion, I found the number of titles available somewhat overwhelming. In my opinion, if you know exactly what you are looking for and/or you are interested in a particular subject, you will find this database very useful.

If you enjoy magazines and newspapers this will be an amazing new tool for you to explore. I found the categories section to be very helpful.  I was able to find information according to my interests. This database is extremely user friendly. If you find reading a bit challenging like I do, by right clicking on an article you select PressReader will read it for you.  That is a wonderful feature to have because you can still have access to the information, but now you are hands free and it relieves the struggle.

If you are technology challenged do not worry!   Contact the Information Desk, a librarian will guide you accessing this PressReader.

For all parents out there who are looking for alternative things to do with their children, look no further!  There is a category called Kids & Tweens with 80 different magazines and six different newspapers in English (28), French (8), Chinese (7) and Spanish (5), with the rest in several different languages. 

Titles to choose from include Marieclaire enfants, Girls world110 per cent gaming, Cool, Teen Dream etc. I also discovered a magazine called Highlights High Five. In this magazine, one story per edition is bilingual in English and Spanish.  There is even a FortNite Battle Royal that is very relevant these days.

In conclusion, while we are still closed, and depending on your interests, I would like to invite you to check out PressReader for yourself.  You can access it directly though our catalog on the home page. Your MultiCard and password are required, but access is completely free.

I hope this helps anyone who is searching for an alternative to just books.


Karen Griffith

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