Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Science for All has had to cancel the 15th edition of 24 Hours of Science, which normally takes place in early May.
However, science education is more present than ever! Despite the confinement, several organizations across Quebec have launched initiatives for the general public to encourage science, such as activities to do at home, online lectures, videos, virtual museum visits, and more.

Two librarians from the Pointe-Claire Public Library have answered the call!

Aventures Ozobot by Alexis and Stella

This year, as part of the 24 Hours of Science, librarian Marie-Andrée and her children explored a STEAM activity. Here’s what she can tell us about it:

“We have created a 3-D course for our Ozobot robots. We worked on a predefined area to limit the route, which encouraged us to finish it. The most difficult part was to make the many adjustments needed to create a slope the robots could handle. The kids added codes to change direction, speed, and fun moves.
Finally, we filmed and took pictures of our journey to edit together.
The first video, titled Ozobot Adventures, demonstrates the entire route. The editing was done on a free app called Kinemaster which allows you to add music and special effects, as desired. Using this app, we also made many short videos and the children had lots of fun adding special sound and visual effects.
The second film, titled The robot’s death, is filled with explosions and was made using the free app Alive, which allows you to make 30-second videos.”

Denis Richard Jr. and his daughter made a video tutorial explaining how to do the classic volcano experiment.

add video

Jana-Gabrielle’s homemade volcano / 24 hours of science / Pointe-Claire

Check out the special page on the 24 Hours of Science website dedicated to online activities.

The idea of this great event is to encourage interaction between researchers and the public, stimulate the public’s interest in science and technology, and promote scientific careers to our youth.

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