Review: Zoom course on

For those of us attempting to navigate how to work or keep in touch with our loved ones from a distance in this COVID-19 world reality, offers an excellent course on how to use Zoom.


The course is broken down into easy-to-digest segments, allowing for those who already have some experience to jump ahead and for newbies, like myself, to see the full scope of the course at a glance.

The presenter was thorough, knew his subject well, and spoke clearly and at an appropriate pace. Everything was visually presented so there would be no difficulty using the application oneself after the fact.

What pleasantly surprised me, was the ability to record meetings. I have been looking for some time for an application to record oral history interviews remotely and am happy to have found the tool to do so!

I was also pleased that the course concludes by inviting the participants to view another course on how to succeed professionally using video conferencing tools.

There are a number of web conferencing courses using a variety of platforms, so whether you wish to speak to family or connect with colleagues, offers a course to help you succeed!

Let us know what you think!

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