In the shoes of … Frances, Library Technician – Acquisitions

Frances is part of the Technical Services team. Acquisitions is the first step in all of the many steps that are necessary in order to get new items into the collection and available to the public.

What are your main responsibilities?

I order and receive all the French books (adult, children’s, YP), CDs, audiobooks, kits, and language kits and enter brief records in the Library system at the time of ordering.  I receive the items, enter the invoice information in the Library system, record all payments and keep track of the budgets that I’m responsible for.

Describe a typical workday?

I read and respond to emails from librarians and/or suppliers.  From the titles to order provided by librarians (including suggestions from patrons), I search for availability and prices, then enter the bibliographic information in the library catalogue.  I place orders with the various suppliers (mostly through online ordering), and later will receive these orders, checking the condition of items and the accuracy of the invoices.  All this must then be entered in the Library system.

What was your field of study?

I have a BA in French studies and a teaching certificate specialized in teaching a second language, as well as a college diploma as a Library and Information Technician.

What are important qualifications for your work?

Attention to detail and accuracy, and working quickly and efficiently in order to get the items in the Library as soon as possible.  The ability to work well with people is also important.

What is your favourite part of the job?

Receiving new items in the Library, especially, when they come in quickly, and working together with all the people to make that happen!

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