In the Shoes of …Charlotte, Manager – Technical Services

The Technical Services department conducts a wide range of activities, from ordering and receiving documents, to cataloguing and preparing all materials on the library’s physical and virtual shelves.  Unlike Public Services, Technical Services work is done away from public, in offices and workrooms that are out of sight.

What are your main responsibilities?

  • Responsible for managing the Technical Services department;
  • Responsible for the design, content and configuration of the library portal (website and catalogue);
  • Responsible for the Integrated Library System (circulation, cataloguing, acquisitions, serials and security modules) and associated products linked to our ILS (public internet access and selfcheck for ) as well as troubleshooting tech issues.

Describe a typical workday?

I rarely have a typical workday however certain tasks like scheduling reports, programming operations; creating and updating procedures; responding to cataloguing or department related questions; troubleshooting ILS or other tech issues from other departments occur daily.

I am currently working on finishing the new library portal (website design and catalogue functionality; involved in compiling documentation for staff and users, training and compiling help guides related to new technologies, and linking/ testing the new iPad lending station for upcoming launch.

What was your field of study?                

I have a BA in History and an MLIS, Master of Library and Information Studies.

What are important qualifications for your work?

Degree in library management
In depth knowledge of the ILS
Ability to manage staff effectively
In depth knowledge of cataloguing, MARC coding and RDA
Website design, content and catalogue functionality
Ability to learn new technologies on your own
Need to enjoy problem solving

What is your favourite part of the job?

Continually learning new things and working with my exceptional team.




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