Holiday Tips for Children

Here are some tips for a smooth holiday season with kids.

  • Do not accept every invitation. It is often difficult to refuse an invitation especially as the holidays are so short, but it is important to respect the limitations of each family member. You could, for example. allow your children one day of routine activities between each dinner or other invitation.
  • Make a calendar for the holiday period. Include each planned activity, using drawings, words, pictograms or photos. This allows children to know beforehand what is happening and can help to prevent emotional outbursts.
  • Try to maintain some of your child’s daily routines over the holidays. For example, if your child reads in bed before going to sleep, maintain this routine – even if your child is not sleeping at home.
  •  Let your children bring a favourite toy or stuffed animal when visiting. This will help ease their adjustment to the new environment.

Regarding planned activities, it might be helpful to give your child a choice. For example, let them decide if you go to the movies or go skating. They will feel that they do not have to do only what the adults decide.

Let your children withdraw to a quiet place in your home when they are experiencing sensory overload (loud noise, strong odors, high-energy levels). Lastly, all activities ought to be a source of pleasure. As a parent, it might be necessary to put aside our own needs and try to follow the rhythm of our children.

This article is taken from the FDMT blog. Click here  to find more articles.

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