Happy Birthday Canada! Take the ninth Quiz!


Canada is 150 years old!

Show us what you know by participating in our trivia quiz!

We will post five questions every second week from February to November.

If you answer all five questions correctly, we will enter your name in the draw. Every two weeks, answer the quiz and you will have another chance to win. Prizes will be awarded every three months.

“Googling” is permitted!



Here are the answers for Quiz #8’s questions :

  1. With its mere 24.3 square-metre surface, the smallest, oldest jail in North America can be found in which Canadian province? Answer : Built in 1890 with its only two tiny cells, this jail is located in Rodney, Ontario.
  2. When people sit in its theater, they are in US territory; when they are acting a part on stage, they are in Canadian territory! What is the name of this “international” building? Answer : The Haskell Free Library and Opera House, located in Stanstead, Québec as well as in Derby Line, Vermont.
  3. The first official advertisement in Canada is believed to have been an ad to sell what (Books, Soap, Butter or Cigarettes)? Answer :  It was an ad for butter that  goes as far back as 1752, in a paper called the Halifax Gazette.
  4. There is a lighthouse in Nova Scotia that is considered to be the only one of its kind in North America. What is so special about it? Answer :  This lighthouse is actually used as a post office.
  5. Canada is home to the only ice cream parlour in the world where 238 flavours can be found on site. Among the more imaginative flavours, you can buy corn, blue cheese, or even dandelion ice cream! The ice cream parlour is located in which city? Answer : It’s in Vancouver, BC.

Congratulations to everyone with all the right answers! You are now eligible for the next prize draw!

Summer has finally arrived! How about making it official by taking our ninth quiz with questions related to Summer facts in Canada?

Click to take quiz #9


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