Happy Birthday Canada! Take the eight Quiz!


Canada is 150 years old!

Show us what you know by participating in our trivia quiz!

We will post five questions every second week from February to November.

If you answer all five questions correctly, we will enter your name in the draw. Every two weeks, answer the quiz and you will have another chance to win. Prizes will be awarded every three months.

“Googling” is permitted!


The first of our three prize winners has been determined!

Congratulations to Mrs. Ann Sosontovich, whose name was drawn among all of our participants that got all the right answers to at least one of the six quizzes from the past three months.

Mrs. Sosontovich wins a gift certificate of 75.00$ to be used with her next purchases at a Chapters bookstore.


1st Quiz Winner



Here are the answers for Quiz #7’s questions :

  1. 28 people were killed,  945 people were injured, 600 000 lost their homes and 4 million were left without power for several days, or in some cases, several weeks. This natural disaster is also the most expensive disaster in Canadian history. What was it called and in what year did it happen? Answer : The Ice Storm in Québec, which happened during the month of January 1998.
  2. In the summer of 1973, I fell from the sky at Cedoux, Saskatchewan, setting a record that has yet to be broken. What am I? Answer : The largest hailstone ever recorded in Canada : 4.5 inches in diameter and weighing 1 pound.
  3. According to the annual average temperature, which Canadian province is the warmest? Answer :  Given the temperatures that never go into extremes in its entire territory, Nova Scotia is the winner here.
  4. Which city (Yellowknife, Whitehorse, Calgary or Iqaluit) is considered to be the driest one in Canada ? Answer :  With its average annual 145 cm of snowfall and 163 mm of rainfall in a year, Whitehorse (Yukon) is considered to be the driest Canadian city.
  5. After visiting Toronto, which famous American comedian (Jerry Seinfeld, Bob Hope, Don Rickles or Steve Martin) once said this of Canadian weather : “I’ve never been to any place before where they have four seasons in one day. I’m wearing out my body changing clothes.” Answer : Bob Hope

Congratulations to everyone with all the right answers! You are now eligible for the next prize draw!

Take the eight quiz and see if you can find the answers to our next questions concerning the “Odds and Sods” from Canada.

Click to take quiz #8


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