Happy Birthday Canada! Take the seventh Quiz!


Canada is 150 years old!

Show us what you know by participating in our trivia quiz!

We will post five questions every second week from February to November.

If you answer all five questions correctly, we will enter your name in the draw. Every two weeks, answer the quiz and you will have another chance to win. Prizes will be awarded every three months.

“Googling” is permitted!


Here are the answers for Quiz #6’s questions :

  1. The average age for first-time mothers giving birth has increased over the past 150 years.  At one time, the average age of a Canadian woman giving birth to her first child was 23 years old. Which decade was it (40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s)?  Answer : It was during the 1960’s
  2. Having migrated to Canada in the year of Confederation, this mother of two became a teacher for the King of Siam’s 82 children. Her experiences inspired a book as well as several movies.  What was this woman’s name?                            Answer : Anna Leonowens
  3. French Canadian Elzire Dionne became the most famous mother in the world in 1934. What was the reason for her celebrity? Answer :  She gave birth to quintuplets, the fist known to have survived their infancy.
  4. Just two days after her mother died of a heart attack, this athlete still found the courage and strength to win a bronze medal at the Winter Olympics. What was her name? Answer : Joanie Rochette
  5. The late Kate McGarrigle was a well-respected and talented singer and composer. Her two children also became internationally acclaimed musicians. What are their names? Answer: Rufus and Martha Wainwright

Congratulations to everyone with all the right answers! You are now eligible for the next prize draw!

Given the recent level of rainfall, the theme for our next quiz  is “Canadian weather”. See if you know it well by clicking on the seventh quiz!

Click to take quiz #7


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