Happy Birthday Canada! Take the Third Quiz!


Canada is 150 years old!

Show us what you know by participating in our trivia quiz!

We will post five questions every second week from February to November.

If you answer all five questions correctly, we will enter your name in the draw. Every two weeks, answer the quiz and you will have another chance to win. Prizes will be awarded every three months.

“Googling” is permitted!


Here are the answers for Quiz #2’s questions :

  1. This movie maker pioneer was born in the province of Quebec and went on to become the king of comedies more than a hundred years ago : a time when Hollywood was just starting to take shape . So important was his name, back in the days, that many famous actor’s careers were launched because of him; among them, a certain Charles Chaplin. Who was that important movie director? Answer : Mack Sennett
  2. Which of the following Canadian films (Water, The Decline of the American Empire, Mon Oncle Antoine, Jesus of Montreal, The Barbarian Invasions) was not nominated for an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film? Answer : Mon Oncle Antoine
  3. The second, third and fourth Academy Awards ceremonies all struck gold for Canadians in movies : each of them witnessed an oscar given to a movie artisan born in Canada and it was always won in the same category.  Which category was that?  Answer : Best Actress. They were Mary Pickford, Norma Shearer and Marie Dressier.
  4.  What Ontario-born director was behind the camera for the multi-Oscar-winning film Titanic?  Answer : James Cameron
  5. After Los Angeles and New York, the third largest film and television production centre in North America can be found in Canada. In which province is it located? Answer: British Columbia

Congratulations to the ones who had all the good answers! You’re now eligible for the next prize draw!

International woman’s day was celebrated on March 8th. Let’s see how well you can answer the questions on quiz #3, which are all related to Women that made Canadian history!

Click to take quiz #3


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