Christmas quiz: The answer and the next question

The Ghost of Christmas Present shows Scrooge’s two children. What were their names?

ignorance-and-wantThe boy’s name was Ignorance and the girl’s was Want.

Dickens, who had suffered great privation in his childhood, had an abiding interest in the welfare of the children of the poor, and used his writing talent to bring attention to the dreadful conditions in which they lived and worked. He supported financially the Ragged Schools movement, along with Lord Shaftsbury and other Victorian philanthropists. The Ragged Schools were so-called because the children who attended them were wretchedly clothed, coming as they did from the slums. The schools were held in the evenings, because the children worked during the day. Dickens fervently believed that education was the key to increasing one’s opportunities in life.


Question #4

Charles Dickens 's 'A Christmas Carol'

Which characters in ‘A Christmas Carol’ are drawn from Dickens’ own life experience?

Fred and his unnamed wife

The Micawber family

The Fezziwiggs

The Cratchits













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