Activities this week: Monday June 20 to Sunday June 26


45 Years45 Years

directed by Andrew Haigh

Tuesday, June 21

2 p.m. (in English)

 A retired English couple (played by screen legends Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtenay) reflect on their lives after nearly a half-century together, in this wonderfully nuanced character study from writer-director Andrew Haigh.


Chasse-galerie : La légendeChasse galerie

directed by Jean-Philippe Duval

Thursday, June 23

2 p.m. (in French)

It is 1888 and Jos Lebel is an agriculturalist with big ambitions. He is in love with Liza Gilbert. Sinister forces suddenly seem to permeate the town and a suspicious fire forces Jos to return to the logging camps and leave his farm and Liza behind. The notary Boisjoli is circling around the beautiful Liza who has not heard from Jos in months. Is there any hope for Jos to win back the woman of his dreams?



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