Activities this week: Monday, May 16 to Sunday, May 22


The Lady in the Van

directed by Nicholas Hytner

Tuesday, May 17

2 p.m. (in English)

 Based on the true story of Miss Shepherd, a woman of uncertain origins who “temporarily” parked her van in writer Alan Bennett’s London driveway and proceeded to live there for 15 years. What begins as a begrudged favour becomes a relationship that will change both their lifes.


directed by Philippe Le Guay

Wednesday, May 18

2 p.m. (in French)

 The story revolves around Claude Lherminier, who has lost none of his dignity; even now that he is over 80 years old. Dressed in a white linen suit and a colourful foulard, we join him on a plane as he jets off to Florida: on a whim, Claude has decided to visit his youngest daughter, Alice, who is now married to an American and lives in Miami. Very soon, we start to retrace our steps and discover more about the weeks that preceded Claude’s trip…




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