Heard at the Circulation Desk – This is a good one, if you like historical fiction.

Historical fiction is a popular genre that can be defined as “describing the historical for contemporary audiences”.  A well researched  historical fiction novel  can really bring a period in history to life while at the same time provide the escapism of a personal story.     It is sometimes difficult to find new titles since they are interfiled with regular fiction and a subject search does not always list them.  Here are a few new and recommended titles in our collection –

secret life of Violet Grant The Secret Life of Violet Grant – An aunt, her journalist niece, and a story of murder and romance set in Europe in the 1900’s and New York in the 1960’s.





Somewhere in France  Somewhere in France – Historical detail in a ‘Downton Abbey’ type style, and a personal story set in the battlefields of WWI.





all the light we cannot seeAll the Light We Cannot See – Beautiful story of two German orphans and a blind French girl set during WWII.  Two separate plots with vividly described characters, situations and landscapes come full circle in the end.




frog musicFrog Music – True story of a murder and a burlesque dancer set in San Francisco during the summer of 1876 while a smallpox epidemic devastated the population.





under the wide and starry skyUnder the Wide and Starry Sky – By the author of Loving Frank – the story of Robert Louis Stevenson, his wife Fanny and life in the late 1800’s.





Invention of WingsThe Invention of Wings – Based on the life of Sarah Grimke (1792-1873) – abolitionist, feminist and writer.




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