These are the best of times for library patrons: information technology has transformed our lives tremendously. We can inform, educate and entertain ourselves in so many ways that it’s a wonder we ever get around to doing anything else.

With all that’s available to us, it’s also a miracle that we manage to leave the library once we’ve entered it: we can pick and read books and magazines right there and then, or wait till we’re back home to dig in; we can upload one among many of these into an eReader; or we can turn toward the library’s extensive film and music collection, which we can then watch and listen to on our TV or on our laptop.

This embarrassment of riches can leave us scratching our heads, asking: SHOULD I READ IT OR WATCH IT?

Maybe this new section at the Pointe-Claire Library Blog will help you answer that question, by connecting books to films and films to books, with an occasional CD thrown in for good measure. Who can resist such crossover appeal?

So come take a look! I’ll be posting regularly (in the SHOULD I READ IT OR WATCH IT? category)  and hopefully, surprising you with connections you might not have thought of, or suggestions of long forgotten books and movies.

We’ll all look forward to your comments and feedback.

Happy reading, viewing and listening!


(also at the Online Book Club!)


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