reading-the-worldLast May, hoping to ignite our spirit of literary adventure, I told you about British writer-journalist and blogger Ann Morgan’s trip around the world (see NO PASSPORT REQUIRED) which she presented to her readers in these words:

“In 2012, the world came to London for the Olympics and I went out to meet it. I read my way around all the globe’s 196 independent countries – plus one extra territory chosen by blog visitors – sampling one book from every nation.”

She accomplished this, of course, without every leaving England, which makes sense to most readers who know what it is to escape into and travel through worlds of others’ creation.

I was happy to learn that Morgan’s account of her “travels” has just been published, and will soon be available in North America.  The book is titled Reading the World, Confessions of a Literary Explorer.

I think that anyone who fancies them self a kindred spirit will be intrigued by this book, and delighted with its title.

So I will keep a sharp look out for it, and be sure to let you know when it becomes available.

Does she present herself as a twenty-first century literary Marco Polo? We’ll soon see!

Note to readers, October 8th: I’ve just found the North American Edition on, with the new cover.


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