Startling Film Recently Added to Collection

BrokenCircleBreakdownI realize that this part of the blog was originally for books only, but I have decided to expand it a bit and add any interesting material recently received by the library.

The Broken Circle Breakdown” is an 2014 academy award nominee for Best Foreign Language Film and I saw it last night. The cover says that this Belgium film is a “moving portrait of a relationship from beginning to end, propelled by a soundtrack of foot-stomping bluegrass”. The film travels back and forth in time and you become a witness to the journey of a loving couple faced with a horrible tragedy (I will not say what it is – you’ll have to watch it to find out).

It is the type of film that remains with you the day after. The acting is intensely beautiful, the script is compelling, and Director Felix van Groeningen is able to present wrenching human emotion without descending into melodrama. I should also mention that there is a surprising element of political proselytizing at the end and there are scenes with nudity and sex. However, various film festivals awarded the film 22 wins and 15 nominations. You may want to consider it.


4 thoughts on “Startling Film Recently Added to Collection

  1. I saw the film and can recommend it. Who would have thought that country music would show up in a Flemish film?

  2. Hi David! I totally agree with you that it was strange to see the Belgian band embrace the music so enthusiastically – and even looking the part. Glad that you would recommend the film too.

  3. Thank you, Mary Jane. I will look for it tomorrow when I plan to come by the library.

    Louise Wall


    1. Hi Louise. The film must be catalogued first (sorry, I guess I should have mentioned that ….) I will reserve it for you when I get to work tomorrow! MJ

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