Because I find myself at the helm of this wonderful Online Book Club, it’s my job every now and then to take note of how far we have traveled and to make sure that we’re heading in an interesting direction.

So far, so good!

Your book suggestions have been terrific and helpful and your comments have been both insightful and a real pleasure to read. I only wish there were more of them!

the_bashful_dwarf_by_ifoxspirit-d5sfia1Alas, you turned bashful once the Book Discussion selections were made.

So I think a Book Discussion Reboot is in order. Let’s start fresh, with a new selection process.

This time, we will pick a single book for everyone.

Previously listed books can always be proposed again, but if you haven’t yet found your answer to the previous blog’s question “WHO IS YOUR LITERARY ALTER-EGO?”, and don’t know whose life you wish you could live, then maybe the next book we share will be the one in which you discover him or her? Now that’s incentive!

So this is the challenge: give it some thought, and write in your suggestions for the book you think we should read and discuss as the snow melts away and the vernal sun shines warmer and longer every day, and let us know!

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