So here we are, a few days before Christmas.

How busy ARE you? Have you had a chance to read the End of your Life Book Club and/or The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out a Window and Disappeared?

As the holiday seasons of my life compile, and all the experiences and memories they hold amass and combine, I’m beginning to see the Christmas holidays as a lesson about the spacetime continuum!

Certainly, there are points during these weeks in December and early January when the relationship between the hours in a day and the things I’m doing or want to do feel stretched or else scrunched and just generally don’t conform to the usual configuration of my life.

Isn’t it wonderful?

escape Well, yes, but also just a bit frazzling, so here is my proposition to you:

During the course of these next few weeks, when you need to sit down (this will happen a lot), or when you simply need to escape (like the Old Man) into a quiet, peaceful place (!!), come to the Online Book Club and join the first stage of the Book Discussion.

To get things rolling gently (imagine a small snowball), here are some starter questions that apply to both the Will Schwalbe and the Jonas Jonasson books:

1.   What was your overall impression of the book?  Did you enjoy it? Did it exasperate you? Were you pleasantly surprised? Disappointed?

 2.   As things stand right now, and not having discussed it with us here, would you recommend it? How would you describe the book to someone, in a few sentences?


That’s the one small task that I’m adding to your to-do list. Think about the two questions and send us your comments.  Right after ushering in the New Year, we’ll dig into the books in earnest.



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