Holiday Reading – Flavia de Luce series by Alan Bradley

If you like mysteries and have not read the Flavia de Luce series by Alan Bradley, start reading them now in anticipation of the sixth  book in the series due to be released in January 2014 – The dead in their vaulted arches.  Flavia is the 12 year old amateur  detective / chemist who lives in an old manor house called  Buckshaw  ialan bradley 6n post WWII England with her two sisters and distant father.   The mysteries are entertaining and  the characters are endearing.  The mysterious  disappearance of Flavia’s  much loved mother Harriet is an unresolved issue that surfaces in each novel.  The sixth novel promises to provide answers and I for one cannot wait!

It is very special to listen to these stories if you can because the narrator ,  Jayne  Entwistle,  does an exception job of bringing Flavia to life.  The library has all 5 titles on CD.

Also, the titles are great!


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