Pointe-Claire Resident Karen Zey is published!

Karen Zey participated in the Library’s Writer in Residence program with David Homel. Her first works have now been published in the Globe and Mail and in Hippocampus Magazine.

If you have ever loved the magic found in books, you must read her article which appeared in today’s The Globe and Mail. I remember the same joy as a child discovering the magic of encyclopedias – but Karen has captured the memory so beautifully.

If you feel like a story guaranteed to move your soul, read her story about little Jake in Hippocampus Magazine.

I am thrilled that the Writer in Residence program has helped a writer develop her voice. Well done Karen! And thank you David for your guidance.


3 thoughts on “Pointe-Claire Resident Karen Zey is published!

  1. I’m happy for Karen too. I wish I could write short, incisive pieces the way she does. May I end with a word of apology? I’ve been in rented cottage in the “Valley of Silence,” a valley between Dunham and Freleighsburg in the Townships, so named because there is no internet or cell phone there… which is why I’m late with my blogs. They’re on their way!

  2. Thank you Karen for bringing back those childhood memories. I consulted our Collier’s set for years, a set my dad bought from a door-to-door salesman, one of his first “non-essential” purchases after arriving in Canada!

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