Book lovers express their passion in myriad ways.

Some have dreams of actually having a room in their house called “The Library” (imagine it being pronounced with very posh rolled R’s), inimages (3) which built-in bookcases line every wall from floor to ceiling.

Others buy books just to experience the joy of reading them and then turning themselves into ad hoc librarians, lending their books out as many times as possible to friends, happy if the books eventually return home looking scruffy and uncouth, but well-travelled.

There are also those, like us, for whom reading is a joy best shared, and who seek out opportunities to compare book notes with kindred spirits.

270810_373879129397206_1291783004_nFinally, there are those whose love of books and of reading is a higher calling. These bibliophiles go above and beyond the call of duty. One of these is Andrea Borod, creator of The Book Dumpling.  Describing herself as “a book whisperer”, Andrea realized a while back that she has the singular ability to match readers with the right book, every time. What began as a natural inclination has turned into a whimsical yet practical website:

Just fill out the READER PERSONALITIES survey, and Andrea will match you to books that are sure to give you hours of reading pleasure.

I first heard Andrea in an interview on CBC’s Home Run,  and was so charmed by her verve and sparkle that I immediately sought out her website. You can also find her on Facebook.

So, if you are between books and feeling uninspired, take a cyber-stroll over to The Book Dumpling. You’re sure to strike gold. 🙂


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