A few days ago, I posted an invitation to you to join in the election (selection 🙂 )of the books of fiction and creative non-fiction that we will have fun discussing in December.

Some excellent recommendations have already come in, but I sense that many of you are still a little tentative.

Maybe what is needed is a little bit of brainstorming. download

Here are some questions that might help:

  • What are you reading right now?
  • What is the last book you read? Was it different than what you usually read?
  • Are you a fan of detective and mystery fiction?
  • Do you enjoy historical novels? Do you have a fondness for wartime or military stories?
  • Do you enjoy reading personal, real-life narratives?
  • Do you like adventure stories?
  • In recent months, have you discovered a new author you would recommend highly?
  • Have you ever read the work of humorous or topical writers? (for example: David Sedaris)
  • Do you have a favourite author?
  • Do you often read science fiction, fantasy or horror?
  • When asked to name 2 or 3 terrific books, which immediately spring to mind?

imagesHopefully, you now have a bunch of great memories of reading floating around in your head.

Which of these would you like to share?

Let us know!


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