Oh no! Not another election!

Well…yes and no.  Book clubs are, by design, places for sharing and discussion, and this online gathering place is no different.


I’m looking for candidates—that is, your book suggestions—for December’s pick (or picks)-of-the-month.

Because we’re new at this, I’m open to all your suggestions, within the following parameters:                          images

  1. Fiction: any genre
  2. Creative non-fiction**: including biography, food writing, literary journalism, memoirs, personal essays, and travel writing.

(** sometimes, there can be a book outside the box that is simply a must, so when in doubt, please send in your suggestion)

I’ll be accepting candidate books until October 31st, after which a vote will be held, and the final two selections made.

Online discussions of the books will begin towards the end of November (at the earliest).

So please, give it some thought, and submit your recommendations by posting them below, in the Comments box.



    1. Hello Christine,

      That little passage is actually misleading.
      When you left this comment, you had to leave a bit of information. That’s it!

      Welcome aboard!

      Do you have any suggestions for the discussion picks?

      Don’t be shy; I can’t wait to get everyone involved and voting on the final choices.

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